Friday, January 27, 2012

Tell me where you're going

Oh dear. It's been way too long, hasn't it.

I got a day off today. Lucky me, 4 day weekend! This is awesome because instead of using Saturday as my Do-Nothing Day, I got to use Friday instead. Man, this weekend is going to be so long. And so awesome.

But to the point. As I was reading my emails from my Do-Nothing Day perch (the couch), I noticed a Youtube video created by a young feller named Ben Breedlove. I felt compelled to watch it; unusual  as I don't usually have time these days. He's an 18 yr old video blogger with a heart condition. He passed away this last Christmas night; but a few days before, he posted these last videos. Yes, I may have found myself crying by the end.


Right after I make him watch these videos, Seth and I are going to the temple tonight to worship our God and thank Him for this beautiful life.