About Us

I hail from the far away land of Loo-a-vul, KY. I grew up and moved to Utah for school where I learned all about psychology and not a lot about making money, hence my social work job as a substance abuse counselor. I have an epiphany at work almost every day, about 50% of which make me tear up. It's kind of embarrassing, but I love what I do. I also do skiing at Sundance Resort in the winter, which is where I met my husband, Sethopolis. I still don't know why I call him that.

He hails from the cold land of Minnesota, and comes with no strange accents. He moved to Utah because as he says, "School is cheap and the snow is deep." He is still in school learning about business and recreational therapy. He is torn between majors, so he's declared Portuguese, a neutral major until he can decide. He works at a bank and as a snowboard supervisor at Sundance.

He and I are both snow children, and probably would wither in the sun and die if we moved somewhere south. He teaches me how to appreciate outdoors, and I teach him to appreciate movies. He embodies empathy while I embody justice. Most of the time we complement each other, but you can imagine how we conflict on occasion. Either way, we're glued together forever, and loving every minute of it.